Friday, May 15, 2009

Victoria Silvstedt Alleged High End Prostitute

Who the fuck writes a check to an escort service?

Nicole Lenz, Alexandria Karlsen and Victoria Silvstedt

Victoria Silvstedt Playmate of the Year 1997

Madame Michelle Braun

Looks like an alleged madame has cut a deal with the Feds. Her list of famous clients is long and distinguished. I find it more interesting that some of her high end whores included Victoria Silvstedt and two other Playmates. 

No way would Victoria and the other girls do such a thing. Imagine having to earn a living with no experience in life except being hot. You should be paid for being hot, right? $6000 is to spread your legs for old men with saggy balls. What did you think the money was for?

The world is cruel. Welcome to it. You are in the jungle baby.

KFed is scratching his head over the $6000 check.

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